Monday, December 13, 2010

Luna Moms Club - Moms with a Mission - 12 Weeks of Educational Tips - Week 11

The average consumer wraps 20 gifts during the holidays. If just three of those gifts were wrapped in reused paper or a paper alternative, the paper saved could cover 45,000 football fields!

  • Use decorative newspaper ads, colorful pages from magazines, old book pages, music sheets, old maps, calendars, or Sunday comics to wrap with.
  • Chances are that if you have a child, you have heaps of drawings and paintings that you are constitutionally unable to throw away. Use that old art for wrapping paper.
  • Cut wrapping paper or children’s art to fit the top and bottom of a gift box and permanently attach it—that way the box can be reused without having the paper ripped to open it.
  • Reuse old ribbons and wrapping paper (if wrinkled, press with a warm iron).
  • Use flowers, evergreen sprigs, rosemary sprigs (yum!), pinecones, yarn, or reusable hair ribbons instead of plastic bows.
  • Use the fronts of old holiday cards as name tags for this year’s gifts.
  • Create a scavenger hunt in your home by hiding unwrapped gifts and giving each of your family members clues to find them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Luna Moms Club - Moms with a Mission - 12 Weeks of Educational Tips - Week 10

If you’re doing any holiday baking this season, double the batch and take an extra loaf of homemade bread or a dozen holiday cookies to a neighbor or friend who may be ill or just overwhelmed this holiday season.