About Stroller Strides

Frequently Asked Questions 
(from www.strollerstrides.com)
What is Stroller Strides?
Stroller Strides is a total fitness program for new moms that they can do with their babies. It includes Power Walking and intervals of body toning using exercise tubing and the stroller. Taught by specially trained instructors, it's a great workout for any level of exerciser. Please get doctor's permission before starting this or any other exercise. 
How do I start?
Choose a location that works for you. Arrive at all classes at least 5-10 minutes before start time. We leave promptly at start time and wouldn't want to leave anyone behind.

What do I need?
You, your baby and the stroller. Just about any kind of stroller will do so long as it's not prone to tipping. We also suggest you bring WATER, a hat or sunblock for both you and your baby, and a towel or mat for our ground exercises.

What can I expect when we meet?
Each class consists of a warm up, a power walk and "stations" where we do a variety of body toning exercises. We use exercise tubing (which we provide you with), the stroller and the environment to create our gym. If your baby is fussy, we will show you exercises that you can do with your baby.

I can only get to class once a week. Is that enough?
Come whenever you can. If you can only make it once a week, then try some of the exercises at home on your own. The key to getting back in shape and staying in shape is consistency. It doesn't take much so long as you stick with it!

How old does my baby have to be?
We recommend waiting until your baby is at least 6 weeks of age to begin class. They can take classes up to any age so long as they still enjoy a ride in the stroller. ALWAYS get your doctor's permission before starting this or any other kind of exercise program.

How long are the workouts?
The workouts are 1-hour. The power walk/cardio/strength training is approximately 50-minutes, followed by 10-minutes of abs and/or stretching.

What do I do if my baby gets fussy?
Our first priority is the happiness of your baby. Tend to your baby first. Because we stop every few minutes for body toning, you can always catch up with us if you get behind. If your baby ever fusses so much that you miss a class, we will happily credit you another class. Our instructors will do their very best to make the class enjoyable for both you and your baby!