Monday, December 15, 2008

Battling the holiday bulge!

The average American gains 5-7 pounds during this holiday season - ugh! I know we are all looking at ways to avoid that, but let's be realistic about it. To vow that you won't eat a single cookie is, most likely, just sitting yourself up for failure. Then you'll feel bad that you "cheated" and will eat the whole plate of cookies! Instead of not eating any holiday treats, strive to limit your portions, be aware of what you are eating, and choose wisely. SparkPeople evaluated a bakers dozen of cookies and ranked them according to calories and fat grams.
Here they are:
Meringue (25 calories, 0g fat)
Fortune cookie (30 calories, 0g fat)
Biscotti (65 calories, 2.5g fat)
Oatmeal raisin (95 calories, 3.5g fat)
Sugar (100 calories, 3g fat)
Macaroon (100 calories, 6g fat)
Chocolate chip (110 calories, 6g fat)
Gingerbread man (115 calories, 5g fat)
Gingersnap (120 calories, 3g fat)
Peanut butter (125 calories, 6.5g fat)
White chocolate macadamia nut (140 calories, 8g fat)
Peanut blossom (150 calories, 8g fat)
M&M cookie (200 calories, 8g fat)
(See the entire story by clicking here)

Fitness Magazine also offers a great resource for parties. They have compiled a list of the ten healthiest party foods.
The top ten are:
Smoked Salmon on Toasts
Shrimp Cocktail
Vegetables and Dip
Chicken Kabobs
Fruit & Cheese
Red Wine
Mixed Nuts
(See the entire story by clicking here)

Another way to battle the bulge is to make sure you keep moving. I know everyone is busy this time of year, but make time to exercise. Of course, Stroller Strides is a wonderful option for a total body workout. Plus, it offers the chance to chat with other moms about where the best shopping deals of the day are!

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