Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop! Put down that Halloween candy!

I know, it's tempting - the basket of candy is just sitting there and the kids are napping.  They'll never know.  Plus, they don't need that sugar; you're really looking out for them, right?  Don't do it!
It looks like just a teeny-tiny Snickers, but just 4 of the Snickers minis (the itty-bitty ones, not the fun sized) are 320 calories!  If you are going to steal some candy, a better bet would be to eat just one fun sized pack of M&M's for only 90 calories.
OR you could do both your kids and you a favor and participate in a candy buy-back.  Not only do you get a $1 per pound of candy, but the candy will be shipped overseas to our troops along with toothbrushes and letters of thanks.  Northside Dental Clinic and James River Dental Center are both participating in this event today.

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