Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Educational Tips - Prenatal and New Mom Nutrition

  • From the PKU test to surfactant and nitric oxide therapies, March of Dimes funded research is saving the lives of thousands of babies.
  • Whether you’re pregnant or a new mom it’s important that you get nutrients such as calcium, protein, folic acid, fiber iron and plenty of fluids.  LUNA bars are the perfect snack!
  • When pregnant, avoid foods like soft cheeses, unheated deli meat and hot dogs, smoked seafood and unpasteurized milk and juice.
  • During pregnancy try eating 4-6 smaller meals a day instead of three bigger ones to help relieve heartburn and discomfort you feel as your baby grows bigger.
  • Boost your energy with breakfast.  Some mornings it may slip your mind but skipping out on breakfast can rob you of so much energy which can be felt into the next day.

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