Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you need another stroller? For free?

As most of you know, I have a slight obsession with strollers, baby carriers, and well, diaper bags to an extent.  I would love to have a much larger fleet of strollers, but buying all of the ones I want would probably cost as much as buying a car, so I will be happy with my current line-up.  Unless... I can WIN a new stroller!  Problem solved!  Below are current stroller giveaways that I am entering.  You should definitely check them out.

I am absolutely in love with the styling of the Quinny Zapp.  It is a beautiful stroller.  However, I already have a lightweight stroller, so trying to justify the purchase of another (and a high-end one, at that) just because I like the way it looks is a hard sell.  If I were to win one, though, that would be a completely different story!
I entered the giveaway at MommyPR and you should, too!  It ends October 29, so hurry!

The Britax B-Ready recently came on the market and is one of the single to double models.  I need one of these.  We currently have two A/T strollers to take to Silver Dollar City because it is just too crowded to get through with a side by side double.  Again, if you know me, you know I am a bit of a push snob, so I can't get a traditional tandem because that push would never do!  Enter the Britax B-Ready - it gives me the width of a single, seats for two, and a push of which I can be proud.  Enter at Natural Mommie like I did!

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