Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions? Stroller Strides has you covered!

 Did you make a New Year's Resolution this year?
Whatever your Resolution is,
Stroller Strides has you covered!
Resolution: To Get Fit!
Stroller Strides is a total body workout, specially designed to work the areas that mom's need it the most.  Intervals of cardio and strength training as well as targeted core exercises, make it an extremely effective workout- you will burn calories and increase your strength and endurance with regular attendance.  Stroller Strides classes are taught at various levels for all different levels of fitness- from first time exercisers, to marathon-runners you will get a great workout.  Classes currently meet 3 days a week, get it on your calendar. 
Resolution: Have more ME time!
Stroller Strides is a perfect way to get some ME time in to your day.  It's an hour for YOU, but you can sneak it in without having to leave your little one in the gym daycare.  You will spend quality time interacting with your little one during class, and get your workout in at the same time.  Mommy guilt not allowed here!
Resolution: Have an adult conversation!
Stroller Strides combines the great workout with the social network that so many new moms need.  Being a new mom can be very isolating.  Maybe your friends don't have babies yet or maybe you are nervous to bundle up your little one and head out of the house.  Whatever your hesitation, know that you are not alone.  Stroller Strides gives you a great reason to get up and get out of the house.  You will meet other moms who feel the exact same way you do!
Resolution: Set a good example for my kids!
Come to Stroller Strides regularly and you will show your children that exercise is fun and a part of your daily life.  In an age where childhood obesity is an epidemic, the sooner that your children see the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the better!  You are their role model - are you living the lifestyle you want your child to live? 
Resolution: Stay Active During My Pregnancy
Did you know that regular activity in a healthy pregnancy can help ease maternal aches and pains, increase energy and may even help speed the labor, delivery and recovery process?  Stroller Strides offers modifications for prenatal moms and provides women information on how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy.
Resolution:  Be INSPIRED!
At Stroller Strides class you will have the opportunity to be inspired on a daily basis.  You will find inspiration from our instructors, other moms in class, and the children.  We've seen first push-ups for moms and first steps for babies. Will 2011 be the year you are INSPIRED?
Resolution:  Have fewer regrets!
You will often regret NOT working out, but you will never regret actually DOING it.  Spend 2011 having fewer regrets, come to Stroller Strides today!
A huge thank you to Jackie Dorris of Stroller Strides Chicago for this post.  Check out her original post here.

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