Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you do things you know are bad?

I have made a conscious effort over the past few years to buy and eat things that are better for my (and my family's) health. However, as I sit here typing this entry, I am enjoying one of those things that I try to avoid... in everything else.
My guilty pleasure? Coffee-Mate flavored creamers. They are completely artificial and have partially hydrogonated oil in them. Yet I still continue to purchase and drink it. I know that the International Foods creamers do not have hydrogonated oil, however, they just aren't as good. My rationale is that I am not a big coffee drinker, maybe one-two cups per week. So I'm not taking in a large amount of the creamer. However, there is just something about a rainy day and a cup of coffee with Italian Sweet Cream creamer in it. Yummy!
My question to you is, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to unhealthy foods?


  1. Oh Glynis, great question! I have to admit, even though I limit sugar for my daughter, I still occasionally buy licorice for myself! There is nothing real in it, and I know it! When we travel long distance is usually when I buy it- yuck! An easy change that would be a healthy one.

    Proud mommy to princesita Grace & princess Ella, currently in Ethiopia
    Always with hope!

  2. At this very moment, I'm eating a little chocolate chip light icecream (Braum's-yum!) with a chocolate chip cookie. :) Sweets are my weekness! Great post, Glynis. What I'm starting to realize is that I know alot about eating healthy but yet practice very little compared to what I know to be true. I feel like I truly am addicted to sweets. I do not like the feeling of being out of control with it. I know moderation is the key, but I think I'm going to have to go extreme "no sugar" for awhile to kick my addiction...does that make sense. Thanks for all you do to encourage us to be healthier. :)
    Leah Combs

  3. I forgot to put a question mark in one of the sentences above...oooh, that bugs me. ha, ha.