Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Precautionary Principle

There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals approved for market use today, from preservatives in our lipstick to flame retardants in our sofas, from plasticizers in our water bottles to pesticides on our fruit and vegetables. Less than 10% of these chemicals have been tested for their effects on human health. The average American carries at least 116 chemicals in his or her body, yet scientists can tell us next to nothing about the lifetime effects of living with this toxic “cocktail” of chemicals. To learn more, visit www.TakingPrecaution.org.

The Breast Cancer Fund is a founding member of the Bay Area Precautionary Principle Working Group (BAWG), an innovative collaborative made up of leaders from the breast cancer, public health, environmental health and environmental justice communities, formed to promote the implementation of the precautionary principle in the Bay Area and assist other regions of the country in their efforts to do that same.

** This is Week #11 of 12 Weeks of Breast Cancer Prevention Tips brought to you by Luna Moms Club**

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